Good News Dynamic

From my study of “khesed”, I note the parallel ways that JESUS and PAUL speak of the “good news”. JESUS almost never uses the word, grace (4x); rather, his focus is on “the Kingdom of Heaven”. Paul seldom talks of the Kingdom of Heaven, but of the dynamic of “grace” (134x), i.e., as Jesus’ resurrection-power to break us free–from slavery to sin, from satan, and from flesh’s downward pull–with the welcome restoration to relationship with His Father, and to the approval and glory for which we were made.

JESUS (over 200x)speaks of the Kingdom-Invasion of this rebel world, bringing the “blessings” of deliverance from those same forces that take us captive, and with it, LIFE, and restoration to Sonship, Family, and Inheritance. “Kingdom” and “grace” both speak of God’s saving power for us, his saving purpose for us, and his saving Presence. “Thus, they are almost interchangeable in what they present to us, and might very well be studied together.