About Me

To be who I am . . . I got here via small-town, Nebraska prairie and cowboy revivalism. Via college, anti-war pacifism and a close scrape with time in prison. Via Army medic time at Walter Reed; arrest in D.C. for inner-city, inter-racial activity. A stint at seminary in New York City, then Scotland’s “Iona Community”. Via marriage in Scotland, then 17 years with Detroit’s inner-city churches, via school-teaching as second job as we raised our 3 children. Through the ’67 Detroit Riot, and increasing stress on our marriage.

To Hoosier-Country (southern Indiana) as conference director, building teams for ADVenture and Challenge, and focusing adult conferences with focus on truth-issues, deep hurts, and major ills in our society (such as “The Father-Deficit”, men’s role, and marriage). Always with the vision of Ephesians 4 :11ff.: to shape up God’s People for impacting the world with the power of God’s invading Kingdom.

“Retired” takes on a whole new meaning for us. Though we have grandchildren–6 boys and 1 girl now–and love them much, we don’t get to see them that often. But the lives of “Elma and Keith” are full (our calendar is full): individual persons who meet with me; groups we’re each part of. Elma’s in her 12th (13?) year as a MOPS mentor. I’ve been tutoring math at nearby Middle School for 6 years; started our neighborhood organization last year; was on my first prison [KAIROS] weekend in May. Still writing. Finished a book a year ago (it’s at the local Vineyard Bookstore). We have a great relationship with not only our kids, but also with their mates; and they live close enough (200 miles to Indy; 25 miles to Mt. Vernon) that we get to see them (but not often enough).